Thanksgiving is over and most of us have leftovers.  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegetables of all kinds and of course, dessert.  We dutifully pack the “to go” containers and share with our family and friends, while leaving just enough for our own family to make those often coveted turkey sandwiches.  In addition to the food, Thanksgiving can be a time we honor traditions, family and friends, play football together, watch football together and catch up on the lives of those at the feast.

Thoughts, emotions and memories can result in a different type of leftover.  Be it happy, sad, exciting, sweet or bitter, tradition or spontaneity we can choose to be present and mindful to the feelings.  My Thanksgiving was filled with leftovers, although delicious, I chose not to take the food.  My other leftovers were not necessarily a choice, but followed me anyway.  This is often the case in life.  Being present for the moments in life and embracing them, is what makes our lives fulfilling.  Studies show that being mindful and present to our moments, whatever they may be, allows us to be more joyful.  That’s what life is about.

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