If you have ever experienced back pain, and based on the statistics 1 in 4 adults have, you know the discomfort.  The ability to concentrate, sleep, sit and generally move are compromised.  And that is just the physical part.  With pain and without sleep our brains are also compromised along with our mood.  This combination doesn’t make for joyful or productive people.  One of the leading costs to organizations is the cost surrounding back pain. Read more here.  Studies show Massage Therapy is an effective, lower cost solution.  It facilitates natural healing and can often reduce or eliminate the need for medication.  Read more about the study here.

SimplaFYI partners with Massage Therapists and other integrative care practitioners to offer on-site services to take your health and wellness offerings to the next level.  Our Community Practitioners provide preferred pricing to SimplaFYI members.

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