There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about food and how it impacts our health.  There is so much talk, articles and opinions it’s often hard to navigate which direction to take.  We all likely know that feasting on high fats, sugary soda and desserts are not going to nourish us and likely cause long-term damage.  Personally, I use the 80:20 rule around food choices and even with that I try to choose “the best” of the 20 percent, if there is one.  For example:  when treating myself to an indulgent sweet, typically chocolate, I choose dark chocolate.  Why?  Because there is now proof that it is “better” for you than milk, white, etc.  My point is, we are human and we are going to have a craving, a reward, a party, etc. and instead of denying ourselves, it is possible to enjoy a treat without guilt.  Of course, this depends on what YOUR relationship to food is.  Are you over-weight?  Do you have a chronic disease?  Do you have food allergies?  Do you eat lots of fruits and vegetables?  Do you eat lots of meat? The answer to these and other inquiries help shape your plate.  Stacy Musial shares more on Clean Eating here.  Stacy is one of the founders of Health Coach Connect, A SimplaFYI Community Practitioner.

Photo Credit: Canstock