I don’t know about you, but downhill skiing has been one of those outdoor sports that I have a love hate relationship with.  Living in a climate where it is cold and snows – it is hard to find outdoor activities that satisfy my need (yes, it is a need)  to be outdoors in nature.  Although I learned to downhill ski at a relatively young age, I never really “took” to it.  After several years of kidding myself I decided to trade in my downhill skis for cross-country skis.  WOW – now I love skiing again, just not downhill.

Skiers are some of the strongest athletes in sport. And it’s not surprising why: skiing combines near every element of fitness training such as agility, speed, strength, power, endurance and flexibility. Which is why this high-energy sport benefits from the slow and thoughtful practice of yoga. Whether your headed downhill or cross-country, skiers need adequate upper and lower body strength, flexibility and stamina.  Check out these six yoga moves and enjoy the ride…Oh, and by the way, even if you don’t ski, these moves help with agility, stability and flexibility.