I continue to be pleasantly surprised on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.  Not only does it help to manage stress and pain, focus, be resilient, pause, and breathe, we now have the evidence it improves our IQ.  The best part, to me anyway, is it is not our “learned” IQ, but our creative IQ.  The ability to creatively problem solve or respond, usually results in new ways of doing things.  We are often inundated with rules, policies, protocols, and procedures that we don’t get to easily exercise our creative IQ.  While it can be important to have structure, at times we over-structure our environment and lose the creativity it takes to solve a problem.  This is where honing our creative IQ can be a win:win – creatively solve the problem within the guidelines of the structure, or in some cases, completely outside the structure and a new structure is developed.  The results often improve progress and can be applied to all of the communities we serve.  Discover your freedom to change creatively.  Find out more here.

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