Who thought we would need a three part series on Nutrition Labels?  Turns out there is more to understand than meets the eye or stomach in this case.  In our last of the series, the focus is on the nutrients themselves.  I thought I knew this stuff, but after reading the details, I realized I was missing some key pieces.  Like all the different names for the same thing and how this alone can be tricky as we make our choices.  Soluble, insoluble, good fat, bad fat, trans fat, total fat, sodium, salt, HDL, LDL, calcium, vitamin D and so on.

The best part of knowing is the ability to make a conscious choice of what we fuel our bodies with.  It’s ok to indulge sometimes, but the real value of all of this is to empower us to own our health and wellbeing.  Nutrition is key to stave off or manage chronic disease.  If we properly feed our bodies, the risk of many disease states goes down tremendously, we have more energy and sleep better!  It truly is a win:win……fuel up and savor the bounty.

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