As I continue to “digest” the Nutrition Labels, so nicely formatted on our foods, it occurred to me that it is more complicated than I hoped.  This does not deter me, but reminds me that I will continue to need reinforcement of the meaning behind the data presented.  Lately, I have been reading and comparing Nutrition Labels when I shop, but the reality is time is precious and who wants to spend more time in the grocery store?  My goal is to get enough of an understanding to quickly review a label and choose.  The three part series we present, sourced from the FDA, is to provide guidance so you can make informed choices for your health and wellbeing. Today’s focus is understanding three key areas of the Nutrition Label:  Serving Size, Percent Daily Value and Nutrients.

The things that resonate with me are:  I typically consume more than one serving size according to the nutrition label so I need to multiply the consumption amount to understand what is actually going into my body.  As for Percent Daily Value and Nutrients, I rely on the quick chart in the attached to quickly make choices on “more of” and “less of”.  Another key for me is remembering that carbohydrates convert to sugar and sugar is “poison” for our bodies and our health.

Learn more about Serving Size, Percent Daily Value and Nutrients here.