A new year can be an exciting time – a clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to begin anew. If you’re like many people, you might make resolutions and maybe even draft specific action plans to pursue them. Then, in mere weeks, you find that your resolutions have become ancient history. Your commitments have become sources of stress and guilt, completely defeating their purpose in the first place.

This year, to avoid the stress and guilt that often accompany resolutions, consider a new approach: Set intentions instead of goals.

Intentions are not goals to be achieved, but guiding principles to be cultivated. More forgiving than resolutions, intentions provide focus for your daily actions and always offer an opportunity to right the ship any time you may feel you have strayed off course.

Following are some examples of how resolutions can be reframed as intentions:

  • Resolution: Lose 10 pounds — Intention: Live more healthfully
  • Resolution: Don’t lose my temper — Intention: Be more forgiving toward myself and others
  • Resolution: Spend less – Intention: Appreciate what I have more

Through intention-setting, you may find that you gain more than you ever could through resolutions, in terms of contentment and peace.

One way to maintain intentions over time is through meditation. Setting aside as little as five minutes a day to close your eyes and focus on your breath can help you regroup and recommit to your guiding principles. Through meditation, you may be surprised to discover that your intentions soon become habit and eventually even natural instinct.

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The SimplaFYI team  wishes you a happy, safe, and joyful 2018…full of intention!

About the Author

Carol Swanson is a Rhode Island based health and wellness writer.

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