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Let’s Talk Transition | Simplafyi

I don’t know about you, but there are times in life filled with transition. This time it is not only me, but also everyone in my family – at the same time!

When your clan is all feeling it at once it can create a mixture of excitement and anxiety for everyone. We each have our own way of processing change, and sometimes anxiety overshadows the excitement diminishing it entirely.

People have unique reactions to anxiety. For example, in our unit of 3, one of us may need space to process, quiet walks, yoga and meditation to regroup and stay focused. Another may react with fear and worry, focused on unknown possibilities, or what “won’t work out” which requires emotional support and conversation to redirect him or her to the opportunities ahead. A third may respond aggressively and defensively, in a way that doesn’t seem to directly correlate to the transition, or to his or her true feelings.

According to the Wall Street Journal, anxiety looks different in men and can often be interpreted as someone who is a loose cannon and comes across as a jerk. The belief is that these traits are more socially acceptable in males versus disclosing they are worried or even frightened about an upcoming transition, preventing them from accessing tools to healthily navigate. 

Medical News Today shares how anxiety can cause a frequent release of adrenaline to the body, typically lasting up to an hour after the triggering event. Adrenaline is a direct result of your body responding to the “fight or flight” trigger, which anxiety and stress promote.

There are many ways to manage anxiety. The first, most important thing to come to terms with is what you are feeling. Once you acknowledge why you are feeling anxious, know that everything will be OK. It is very easy to create a complete, convincing dialogue with yourself.  Make choices and choose dialogues that support your transition and envision a smooth and successful new path.

To ease anxiety:

  • Take a brisk walk and remember to breathe
  • Shoot some hoops
  • Meditate with deep slow breaths and concentrate on one word or a short phrase
  • Document the things that are contributing to your mind spin. Review them and thoughtfully think about how to navigate around them
  • Make a plan
  • Practice Yoga

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