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Commuting & Wellbeing | Simplafyi

How do you get to work? Something that has been top of mind for me lately is my healthy routine and striving to reach it every week while commuting far to the office every day.  With roughly three to four hours spent every day commuting, my wellness routine has not only become rigid, it has prevented me from anything outside of my “routine” before and after work.  I struggled with this fine line of taking care of myself, making sure I get to the gym every night, pack my healthy, previously meal prepped lunch, pack my bag for the next day, unwind with tv and catch up with my boyfriend.  After all of this I felt I needed to get in bed right away to guarantee I get enough hours of shut eye to then wake up and do it all over again.  To be honest I wasn’t feeling completely “aligned.”  All this wellness routine I built for myself was really creating stress for me.  So what I realized was best for me is to allow myself the flexibility during the week to do different activities whether it be date night, hanging out with friends, dinner with family, yoga flow at home, and buying lunch to eliminate the pressure of having to do everything in order to be successful the next day.  My time on the train before was filled with staring out the window. Now, I listen to an informational podcast, read a book, keep in touch with friends and use it as a relaxing yet productive time.  The biggest lesson learned from long days commuting and allowing myself the freedom in my routine, is to be present.  Being present and grateful for the moment you are in no matter where it falls in your day will change your entire mindset and attitude. You will notice the positives about what you are doing, the people you spend time with will notice the difference, and you will appreciate the time you do get!  It’s a small but huge shift in my day that makes my tight schedule feel enjoyable. Oh, I almost forgot – I do share three grateful things that occurred for me each day at dinner.

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