How are you doing? It’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least. COVID-19 or Coronavirus has been top of mind for many of us. What started as a limited country event is now a pandemic impacting the lives of all of us across the globe.

The news is everywhere and hard to escape, as well as the reality in our communities, pausing schools, businesses and life as we know it.

In these trying times, humans typically react in a few ways:

  1. We become more anxious and worry
  2. We deny it is happening
  3. We breathe and embrace the unknown

When we identify with anxiety, worry, or denial we often lose perspective. When we lose perspective we allow this real event to negatively impact us and let fear control us. There is no doubt it is impacting our daily lives as businesses, schools and local governments choose to modify our daily routine. The thing is, we aren’t even suffering from the things we’re scared of! However, we have allowed our anxiety to control us. These thoughts are relatively common and called “negativity bias”, but one we can influence.

How do you cope in times like these? How do we embrace the reality without losing hope and perspective that we will make it through this challenging time?

We choose. We get to decide what to listen to and what to watch. I am not encouraging ignorance, but choice. The ability to know what is happening and choosing how much you need to know to ensure your wellbeing is protected. The bar for your wellbeing is yours and yours alone. So notice. Notice what makes you feel good and when enough is enough. Then choose. Choose to turn off the television, stop reading your email news and just be.

Take a walk in nature; enjoy a game with your family or friends. Practice yoga, meditate, listen to soothing music, be present to this moment and enjoy it. Try to let go of any thoughts that bring you to an unbalanced place that negatively impacts your wellbeing. This is just an event in a time and this too shall pass.

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