The start of a new year tends to bring anxieties about goals and resolutions. Time adds another pressure, whether it’s running out, or seemingly too much. And then judgment and guilt set in. The voice inside your head is saying “not enough” or “slow down” or “that’s all?” and you can’t seem to escape the chatter.

I encourage you to meditate. To quiet the mind and the constant chatter by taking just 5 minutes a day to be still. This is your opportunity to begin. By building a meditation practice, you will be accomplishing an achievable goal that will enable you to remain present. Your presence in each new moment allows you to begin again, as many times as you need to achieve a goal. Your goals and accomplishments are not measured by days, months, seasons or years; you are bound to no time. Infinite opportunity is yours, and each new moment you may begin again to continue on the path towards an already defined goal or set a different goal. This is the beauty of life, and although time is passing, if you are grounded in the present moment you will be gifted with many chances to begin, keep going, and achieve your goal.

A simple way to start is to sit in a comfortable position on a cushion, mat or chair. If in a chair, be sure your feet are planted on the floor in front of you. Rest your hands gently on your lap and take a slow deep breath through your nose. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and gently down your back. Slowly release the breath through your nose. Repeat ten times. You may catch your mind chattering. That’s ok. I find if I focus on the breath as it goes in and out, it quiets my mind. Does this always work? No. Here’s where the magic is; instead of giving up or getting frustrated, put a smile on your face and simply redirect your focus to the breath. This is, I have learned, is why it is called “a practice”. Every day is different, but your commitment to YOU for 5 minutes a day to practice sitting quietly will evolve over time. Each “sit” may be different, some days more focused than others and that’s ok. Believe it or not, if you stick with it, you will notice a difference in how you relate to yourself (more love) and how you react to the world around you.

I encourage you to try it and then try it again and again without judgment.    


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