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The history of Chiropractic can be found in ancient Chinese and Greek medicine. Chiropractic was introduced to the United States by Daniel David Palmer in the late 1800s. This specialty focuses on the alignment of the spine and lower extremities. The chiropractor focuses on the spinal structure while keeping in mind the nervous system by applying pressure and realignment using their hands. This is best for back and neck injuries as well as hip alignm

Once upon a time I was carrying an awfully heavy piece of luggage (no wheels) through an airport, rushing to catch a connecting flight that had a gate change far far away. The next day my back goes into spasms and I end up at a chiropractor for the first time. After two sessions (I admit, I was nervous at first with the thought of spinal manipulation and trusting this stranger not to break my neck) I began to feel better, coupled with the usual ice, heat, stretch routine. This was BIG pain – I created my own “standing desk” at work by piling up books and boxes to rest my computer on and worked that way until I could comfortably sit. After several sessions and being mindful of my movements the pain was gone and I had freedom of movement again. Once in awhile my old injury rears its ugly head and I head back to chiropractic to aid in my healing. Kathleen

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