Nutrition today can be very confusing with conflicting information coming from seemingly reputable sources. Are carbs really that bad? Do I have to eat animal meat to get enough protein? Is there really such thing as healthy fats? With all the medical advances in the US, why are our rates of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease increasing every decade?

Just 100 years ago, our diet was much healthier as we were eating real food, food that looks like how it grew or was raised without anything added. Whole food: unrefined food, unprocessed food, uncontaminated food.

Did you know?

-Refining grains takes away the best of the nutrients like iron, protein, B vitamins and fiber.
-Processing foods remakes it into other things like pop tarts, donuts, sausage, salami, doritos and eggos.
These foods in no way resemble the original whole food and are created with refined ingredients, and have additives, dyes and preservatives to make it taste different, be a pretty color and last for years on your shelf.

Where did we go wrong?

The decline in American health is directly related to the decrease in the diversity of food eaten and the demise of quality whole nutritious foods grown in organic soil rich in healthy microbes or raised on open farmland grazing on organic clean grass. Eating a Standard American Diet (SAD…) full of refined and processed foods has got to change.

Although eating a diet full of processed and fast foods has contributed to the dramatic increase in chronic diseases, pills are not the answer. By eating a nutritious plant strong diet full of a variety of whole clean foods, most of these chronic conditions can be reversed!

The good news is that not only can you start eating a healthy diet of organic whole foods tomorrow, but the health effects can cause a reversal of many of the chronic disease states caused by the SAD.


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Is one diet right for everyone?

Not exactly, but there are some new standards that apply to everyone.

Such as:
-do not overeat, eat only until you are 80% full
-whenever possible eat organic, non GMO foods
-eat lots of fruits and vegetables, at least 1/2 of your meal
-eat only animal products that are grass fed without antibiotics and hormones, and much less! Only 3 oz per serving
-substitute nut or soy milks for cow’s milk
-eat healthy fats like avocado, nuts, coconut and olive oil
-dramatically reduce or eliminate the amount of processed foods in your diet
-eliminate meats with nitrates like bacon and hotdogs as they have been proven to be carcinogenic
-reduce the amount of refined grains and foods with added sugars