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Did you know that acupuncture, chiropractic, massage|bodywork, meditation|mindfulness, nutrition and yoga improves overall wellbeing and can aid in naturally managing some chronic conditions?

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Acupuncture or Morphine? What do you Choose?

As someone who participates in acupuncture to manage ulcerative colitis, I welcome the knowledge of additional conditions acupuncture supports.  In this particular study, researchers randomly selected 300 emergency departments and split them into two even groups. The...
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Yoga, natural healing

Yoga Can Enhance Your Summer Activities

As I embraced SimplaFYI's Yoga theme this week while posting on our social platforms, it occurred to me just how versatile yoga is.  Not only can you practice yoga in a community setting, guided by a trained and experienced teacher, you can take what you learned and...
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Meet SimplaFYI Community Practitioners

SimplaFYI has been busy partnering with practitioners who can advance health and wellbeing in the areas of acupuncture, chiropractic, massage|bodywork, meditation|mindfulness, nutrition and yoga.  In this issue, we introduce you to a few of our SimplaFYI Community...
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Nutrition label series

What’s in a Nutrition Label? Last in our Series of 3

Today we wrap up our 3-part series on Nutrition Labels. What’s on them, how to read & interpret them and how the nutrition value impacts our health & wellbeing. Resource our archives for review when needed.

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Fruit and Nutrition Label

What’s in a Food Label – Part 2

As I continue to "digest" the Nutrition Labels, so nicely formatted on our foods, it occurred to me that it is more complicated than I hoped.  This does not deter me, but reminds me that I will continue to need reinforcement of the meaning behind the data presented....
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