An innovative approach to health and wellbeing for your team

Improve your business outcomes by advancing your teams health & wellbeing.

  • Integrative care services are cost effective, proven solutions for substance abuse, pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, stress, improving immune system response and management of some chronic conditions.
  • SimplaFYI partners with vetted practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation|mindfulness, nutrition, massage|bodywork, yoga and others.
  • SimplaFYI blends on-site programs with a community approach to meet your budget and goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Empower your team with access to integrative care, and watch your organization thrive!


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How does your organization determine the Value of Health?

Moving from ROI to VOI

Healthcare costs in the US are rising due to:

Expanded coverage

Exponential prices

Increased utilization

Employers shifting costs to employees leads to:

Reduced use of essential services

Increased employee dissatisfaction

Diminished  business performance

Employers must refocus from “How much are we spending?” to “What’s the full value of our health investment?”

How would you measure the full value of health?

Direct Medical Costs:

Prescription drugs

Medical procedures

Hospital stays


Productivity Costs:





Job performance

Traditional models underestimate the value of a healthy workforce:

Traditional Model

Full Value Model

Traditional: Medical & Pharmacy

Opportunity Cost: Absence

Opportunity Cost: Job Performance

Wage Replacements

Traditional: Medical & Pharmacy

Opportunity Cost: Absence

Opportunity Cost:  Job Performance

Wage Replacements

The full value model looks at the bigger picture so employers can make smarter decisions.

Why should you practice the full value model?

A full value approach helps employers:

Form cultures of health and wellbeing

Promote smarter healthcare

Develop a healthier workforce

Productivity Costs:

Think broadly



Focus on value



Gather empirical evidence