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Acupuncture for Chronic and Acute Inflammation

Acupuncture or Morphine? What do you Choose?

As someone who participates in acupuncture to manage ulcerative colitis, I welcome the knowledge of additional conditions acupuncture supports.  In this particular study, researchers randomly selected 300 emergency departments and split them into two even groups. The...
Can YOU Escape the Flu?  Acupuncture Can Help

Can YOU Escape the Flu? Acupuncture Can Help

So far so good, I have not come down with the flu so far this “season”. Each year many of us contemplate whether to get the flu shot or not. My defense, has been to stay clear of touching public doorknobs (use your coat, sleeve, paper towel, glove, sneak through when...
Is Acupuncture for YOU?

Is Acupuncture for YOU?

Have you ever thought about using Acupuncture?  If you are like most of us, the thought of a needle being inserted into any part of your body doesn’t sound like fun.  I am here to report that I felt the same way, until I decided to manage my chronic disease...